Possibly the particular problem in finding an obvious meaning for ABG is due to that conundrum.


Possibly the particular problem in finding an obvious meaning for ABG is due to that conundrum.

If young women currently self-identifying as ABGs to reclaim a feeling of autonomy and length on their own through the prevalent “Asian Bible Girl” stereotype, then the responses of the male peers–like hair who folded the expression into a sexualized hip-hop videos– express a central schism within work of reclamation. Possibly Asian Baby sugar baby New Jersey babes wanted to feel diametrically versus Asian Bible Girls, but they ended up adjacent rather. As Fang mentioned, reclamation turned into reappropriation, which became repression. In the long run, was actuallyn’t the Asian kids female vs. Asian Bible female division simply a modern update on Renee Tajima-Pena’s hypersexual Dragon girl vs. submissive Lotus Blossom dichotomy ? The epithets changed, but the substance stayed the exact same.

I was thinking a whole lot about Dragon women and Asia Dolls before I made a decision, eventually, to go to the upsetting occasion.

Nothing of my buddies agreed to join me. “I’m heading and so I can ascertain, forever, how-to describe an ABG,” we texted one of them. “Lol,” she reacted. The event is actually organized in Chinatown Square, a-squat black colored building in Philadelphia that residences a pan-Asian items hall. I enter through windows gates stickered with peeling advertising: Pleased hours 4-6 on weekdays! Inquire about all of our bubble beverage loyalty cards!

Internally, the guys in attendance vastly outnumber the women. I spy suede skirts, knee-high shoes, fur vets, dyed locks, but absolutely nothing that unique, nothing at all just like the “ABG Transformation” YouTube videos. The expression ABG feels a lot more amorphous than typical, like an Instagram filtration instead of an identifier. It is analogous to calling yourself a nerd or a jock in large school–a default to group believe for efficiency, in order to avoid nuance.

Anyone eye one another from over the space but won’t diverge using their fortress of pals; it’s like a secondary school dancing, except almost everyone was eastern Asian. I’m the only unpaired folks in the room. A boy wear khaki short pants and a button-down ways me and things to the laptop within my hand. “Are your becoming antisocial today?” The guy smiles in a fashion that shows the guy thinks he’s getting pleasant. Their name’s Jake Moonlight. He could be 25 and then he laughs when I inquire just what his definition of an ABG is actually.

“An ABG is merely an Asian woman who’s standard,” he says. “She observe the social stereotypes almost of personal responsibility.” A team of women moves, and Moon’s gaze remains on a single ones. The lady colored blond locks ripples as she tosses her head. I ask if he’d contact the lady an ABG, in which he contemplates for a moment. “Hard to state.” He tilts their head. “Exactly Why? Do you believe you’re an ABG?”

Issue surprises me personally. We see exactly what I’m dressed in, the non-heeled boots combined with the cardigan and dress.

We laugh and shake my personal mind. But straight back yourself, i believe of Moon’s matter once again while I press use Chow Mane’s audio videos. The world bursts to life: three Asian lady seated at a table plagued by wine flutes and Grey Goose bottles. Between taking selfies and biting into berries, girls wave their own extended acrylic nails and news. Mane sits to their rear, half-watching and half-preening for the cam while he raps: “All black when she go out / Brown locks transformed gothic now / Eyeliner together with the wings on ’em / tat somethin’ Chinese on ’em / latest week-end in Vegas, recently in Koreatown / Next week have a festival, times then she got me in the city.”

The videos finishes, and I’m left watching my personal expression from the computer display. Maybe my reply to moonlight actually must have been: “No, i’dn’t call myself an ABG, but some other person could.”

Date: November 26, 2021

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