So far, no figures have-been called asexual, demisexual, intersex, pansexual


So far, no figures have-been called asexual, demisexual, intersex, pansexual

Numerous people currently recognized as (or meant is) lezzie, homosexual, bisexual, or transgender (typically shortened LGBT).

Kang and Kodos are both gender uncertain. While Kang is usually demonstrated as male (although he may feel intersex), Kodos’ sex try not certain: Kodos possesses a male words and its referred to as male in “E.T. Go Home”, so far is also also known as “sister” and wears feminine clothing in Tapped Out. However, Kamala is definitely explicitly proven as woman. It could possibly be probable that Kodos got also known as “related” for comic use.

Openly lesbian

  • Patty Bouvier – Around committed Veronica. [1] but Veronica was really one named Leslie, therefore the diamond would be referred to as off. But Patty has been confirmed with males, in other words. Important Skinner, even though this is before she was well established as homosexual. In Treehouse of Horror III, she states, “there happens the final ongoing thread of my heterosexuality” having looked at Homer naked, but this is a non-canon occurrence and might just be considering the series for amusing impact. She has been recently observed become interested in Edna Krabappel, as she imagines this lady when this broad may need to kiss Homer to stop upward Selma and Abe. She furthermore dated a female named Evelyn in “Livin La Pura Vida”.
  • Evelyn – She dated Patty in “Livin La Pura Vida”. She ended up separate with Patty after she was family with Homer but reunited with her at the conclusion of the event.
  • Paula – Hinted as being attracted to Marge furthermore, as almost all of their space has stereotypical lezzie issues. Towards finishes of occurrence discloses she’s got a wife. (“Marge the Lumberjill”)
  • Megan Matheson – Reveals creating a girlfriend. [2]

Hinted getting lezzie

  • Martha – Hinted is drawn to the helper librarian. [3]
  • Librarian – Hinted to be drawn to Martha. [3] Though it isn’t affirmed.

Publicly homosexual figures

  • Comic e-book Gay – Comic reserve male gay cousin. The man likes “certain variations” of comics. [4]
  • John – A nostalgia shop holder exactly who befriends the Simpson group. [5] He is spoken by John Waters who’s publicly homosexual in real life.
  • Roscoe – Manager associated with the Ajax iron Mill. They and the personnel are all homosexual, as well as rests, they turn the mill into a gay bar. [5]
  • Steel factory employees – Gay professionals who happen to work for Roscoe. [5]
  • Angelo – a creator who had been employed to transform the Simpsons’ kitchen after Homer’s were unsuccessful attempts. [6] any time Homer told him or her to touch Marge he states that he’s homosexual nevertheless subcontractor do that for your.
  • Grady and Julio – a homosexual few that Homer roomed with; [7] these people later split up. [1] Grady is spoken by comedian and actor Scott Thompson whos freely gay in the real world. Hank Azaria (voice of Julio) used alike vocals for the next homosexual fictional character known as Agador Spartacus when you look at the 1996 drama production entitled The Birdcage. This resource is actually moreover grounded inside event’s aptly parodied name, The injury crate.
  • Thad – Marries Julio (with Homer since officiant) subsequent to Julio’s and Grady’s separation. [1]
  • Grizzly Shawn – comes to be enthusiastic about Moe. The guy later wedded Barry.
  • Barry – a hubby of Grizzly Shawn.
  • Dewey Largo – It has been first of all thought in “read Homer managed” when he alleged which he and Waylon Smithers had been carpooling. In “Flaming Moe”, the man declare to his own musical school that he’s working off on your passion for their lifetime, that is a man. He also possess an exaggerated lisp.
  • Waylon Smithers – there are many recommendations to Smithers’ placement (or perhaps his obsession on Mr. Burns) great campaigns keeping it a secret. But an outright illustration occurs when Smithers shoes awake his or her family computer and movement of Mr. burns off shows up, expressing (in clearly cobbled-together sound fasteners), “Hello, Smithers. You’re fairly fantastic at switching me personally on.” Smithers next states to Lisa (who had been record behind your), “Um, you need to almost certainly simply neglect that.” [8] Smithers was first been shown to be publicly gay in Flaming Moe as he can help reopen Moe’s pub as a gay bar. Smithers is developed from inside the skin burns Cage. He has already been deemed as homosexual compared to ‘Burns-sexual’, particularly when 2 strippers emerged to your in which he begin cowering in worry.
  • Dewey – An ex-boyfriend of Dewey Largo.
  • Elton John – He is honestly homosexual in the real world and includes started wedded to Canadian filmmaker David give since.
  • Philip Hefflin – a photographer who was looking for Abraham Simpson and says that ladies disgust your.
  • Svenjamin “Sven” Golly – Upon achieving Marge, he states, “Ugh, in which were you when I ended up being immediately?”.
  • Simply Stamp the pass guy – In “The Fat violet Line”, it’s expose that he’s homosexual for Homer Simpson.
  • Gay Colonel – Colonel exactly who dates with Hans Moleman.
  • Unidentified smoking dude – Moe attempted to steal his or her watches, however when the person noticed him or her, Moe asserted he had been simply approaching to him. The guy got Moe’s give and stated that they can return his spot. [9]
  • Stuart – a detailed good friend to Waylon Smithers.
  • Llewellyn Sinclair – is observed for the crowd of homosexual men. [4]

In room

  • Unnamed Latino Person – When he saw Homer’s graffiti tag of “El Homo”, this individual mentioned, “In The Event That I’d your courage, senor.” [10]
  • Raoul – people disgust your and then he comes to be sincerely interested in Abraham Simpson. [11]
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